Partial Solar Eclipse

Regent's International School, Bangkok

On Wednesday the 9th of March at 07:38am Regents International School students were lucky enough to view one of the rarest celestial events, an eclipse of the Sun.

The Sun was partially eclipsed for nearly 2 hours and at its maximum coverage, 41% was hidden from our view by the Moon.

Many students took part and viewed the event through pin hole cameras, the camera on their mobile device and most successfully by looking through a CD. All of these methods made it safe see what was happening and gave us all an unforgettable experience.

By Mr. Marc Curran, Head of Secondary Science

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TED Periodic Table Videos

TED Periodic table videos

A fantastic resource by the University of Nottingham where they have produced a video on all 118 elements. Each video (where possible) shows the elements in their natural state and their common reactions. They have also produced a QR code version of the periodic table so that students can interact and access the information in a new way.



Practical chemistry

I have been looking for a practical chemistry site that contains up to date and a comprehensive list of practical ideas and although there are so many great resources out there nothing was quite what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own. All the resources are free to use. As time goes on I would like to continue adding to this resource. If you have any ideas that could be featured I would love to hear from you.